Golf 20.4.16

When we arrived at Brampton Heath we all got off the minibus, grabbed our putters and travelled to the club house.

Eventually, we arrived at the course. Once every school had arrived, everyone had a chance to look around each course. We started off having our five minute practise on a putting exercise and then we had chance with the real thing.

If we got the ball in the semi-circle without it going over the edge, we were awarded points. The yellow cones were worth 10, the cones were worth 5 and the green cones were worth 1 point.

After each activity the teachers gave in the scores and picked a Shining Star. Well done to Skyla for being the Boothville Shining Star!

My favourite activity was chipping the ball over the cones and the putting, although I did manage to hit one over the bush!

Thank you to Miss Renshaw for taking us.


Written by Kyan and Dexter (year 4)

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