Witches’ Wretched Concoction

Today, we explored the gruesome ingredients that we shall be using to create our powerful potion.

This included:

  • human hair
  • dragon’s blood
  • fairy dust
  • three giants’ bones
  • troll’s bogiesĀ 
  • the tears from a griffin
  • as well as a ladle and a cauldron.

Can you comment with expanded noun phrases to describe these unique and foul ingredients?


4 thoughts on “Witches’ Wretched Concoction

  1. This was the funniest English lesson ever.
    Expanded np
    First get your best coldren and favourite ladle at the ready.
    1)2 heaps of inappropriate troll snot that makes you want to nauseate.
    2)3 colossal grinded giant bones which make you shiver with excitement.
    3)2 pints of ruby red dragon blood which has miniature particles of flesh.
    4)A thimble of appallingly plump tears from a Griffin with sadness inside them.
    5)A sprinkle of glossy glimmering fairy dust that sparkles in the moonlight.
    6) strands of Long luxurious hair which is as golden as wheat.

  2. Long,Tangled human hair that had been vigorously plucked from Rapunzel’s sleek,golden locks.
    Crimson red dragon blood which had come from the deepest cut on a dragon’s vast,violet and gold wing.
    Glistening sapphire fairy dust that had come from the very top of fairy’s wand.
    Glutinous,gloopy,bright green troll snot which came from an ugly wart covered troll.
    Chalky,powdery,crushed up bones that had come from the fattest,largest and tallest giants ever on earth.

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