English Homework 16.06.17

This week we would like you to read! You should be reading every day to yourself and out loud. On Thursday, we will expect you to be able to share with the class what you have read. Be as creative as you like.

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    I like the book because there are my favourite characters. 1st character is Greg, 2nd character is susan, 3rd character is Roderick 4th character is manny, 5th character is Frank

  2. The book I’m reading is about the moon, did you know the moon is bigger than the planet Pluto? No one has ever seen the back of the moon until 1959, when a space mission took pictures. Every culture has a different story about the moon and how it got its markings, the Japanese children see a rabbit on the moon, where as I see a smiley face. Some of the markings on the moon have names just like mountains and oceans on earth.
    Every time there is a full moon it shines brightly through my bedroom window, my mum says it makes my brother and I go crazy.

  3. A series of unfortunate events
    The Slippery Slope

    Violet and Klaus Baudelaire are trapped in a caravan which is about to fall into a rushing river.
    They work together and stop the caravan but their sister,Sunny,is held hostage by count Olaf ,the villain of the story, and his troupe. The eldest Baudelaires are trying to find their way to rescue Sunny.They need to find shelter in a cave to escape a swarm of snow gnats,however they stumble across their school bully and a mysterious figure.Meanwhile Sunny has to prepare a meal for count Olaf and his vindictive ascosiates.Soon the eldest Baudelaires discover that the mysterious figure is Quigley Qaugmire (who everyone thought was dead) and he is the Baudelaires friends brother,who later on helps them. Along the way they find more about a secret organisation- V.F.D-which their parents worked for and kept as a secret.

    P.S read the book to find out more!(there’s a whole series of them waiting to be read)

  4. Because I love this homework I made my decision to write about another book.
    A Cupcake Book For Girls
    This book is about different treats that you can make at home .
    Once I made some cupckes with my mum and they turned out so delectable and irresistible I nearly ate them all.
    If I can find the book I will show the class tomorrow !

  5. Come on class we have to do more homework so maybe Miss Renshaw might let us have 5 mins for enrichment time or even 10 mins.

  6. My favourite book I’ve read is Captain Underpants Adventure. I really like the book because it’s about two boys named George and Harold. George and Harold were best friends. They both like doing stuff together. The one thing they love to do is make comics. Not just any old comics they make the best super hero in the world Captain Underpants. They love making comics so much they sell them on the school playground. There school was called Jerome Horwitz Elementary School. They also loved pranks and jokes. There principal Mr Krupp turns into Captain Underpants every time when someone snaps there fingers. It happened when George and Harold ordered a 3-D Hipno-Ring and used it on Mr Krupp.

  7. This book is about a Mouse in a dark forest who took a stroll to find a Gruffalo but at first he saw a fox then a owl a snake then a gigantic Gruffalo and the Mouse proved he was the scariest animal in the deep dark wood then his tummy started to rumble then he said his favourite food was gruffalo crumble then the Gruffalo ran as fast as the wind andsaw finally the Mouse saw a nut and the nut and the nut was good.

  8. My book at the moment is Rangers Apprentice, it’s all about the stone age and archers who are going to war. I never knew archery was used in wartimes for fighting against your enemies before I read this – I thought archery was just a sport.

    The book is good and i’m not even half way through it yet!

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