Homework: The Lost Character

In English, we are still studying the story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl. We have just started a new writing project in which we are writing ‘The Lost Chapter’ from the fantastic story. For this we invented a character who needed to be interesting and have stand out character traits.

For this week’s homework we would like you to add to our blog by commenting on this post! Within your comment we would like you to write a few sentences describing your character. We hope to see you using lots of adjectives and maybe even an expanded noun phrase or simile!

CAUTION! Think carefully about the adjectives you use. You cannot have a character that is tall and short or bossy and shy.

We hope you like our creative designs.


17 thoughts on “Homework: The Lost Character

  1. My character’s name is Taylor. She is kind , helpful, sweet, creative and is a brilliant artist. She is 8 years old and loves to dream. Her favorite ice cream flavour and cake filling is chocolate. Her favorite fruit is raspberry but she doesn’t like vegetables. She always listens to others and gets her work done as soon as possible.

  2. My character is brave, adventurous and determined about winning and completing their task or dream. My character is a boy. My character is quite tall. My character will try and try again until he has completed what he started he will not give up. My character wears a blood red hat, night sky dark blue watch,sky light blue trousers and a sapphire blue belt.

  3. Silly, audacious, curious, adventous, funny, bossy and moody.
    Colourful eyes which glow in the dark.
    Feet as short as a hamster tail.
    Pink hair as thick as a shoelaces.
    Cheeks as red as blue.

  4. My character is called Theo. He wears an Addidas T-shirt with a hoodie and shorts which has a Nike sign on it. His shoes are half Nike and half Addidas. He loves playing football and basketball. He has a belt with a diamond on it.

  5. My character is called Emily and she is really funny and weird. She is also strong and weird. She is in love with wolves . Whenever she is overjoyed, down in the dumps and exited, her head turns rainbow coloured..

  6. My name is Relentless Ron. I am an extreme bully. I am overpowering (OP). I have ripped a Wanted poster in half. I look like a ghost in human form because I have skulls on my trousers and a green top that says “Go Away Or Else!” on it. I am ravaging, Relentless Ron with fear coming to my enemies.

  7. My character is brave, strong and smart. He wears a Nike top, a hat that says New York and some Adidas trainers. He goes by the name of Jermaine and he can’t resist a Wonka bar.

  8. My character is tall, posh and has a long skirt. My character is a girl she is quite pretty. She has glittering purple gem on her necklace. Her hair is golden yellow and her dress is rosy pink. She is really rich and bossy and when she wants something, she always gets it. She’s only got to make a sad face with her blue ocean eyes and she gets what she wants.

  9. My character is rich, spoilt, tall and lonely. His name is Billy Bill and has been known to be a liar. He is annoying and always gets his ways. His parents are strict, strong and rich. He’s so cheeky he rips posters of walls.

  10. My character is a boy called Ethan Zapdos.
    He is cool, naughty, popular and rich.
    He wears a Bluewater Redfire Nike top, ripped jeans, LED glow in the dark trainers and white socks with black stripes.
    He has blue bloodshot eyes, a hamster face, black spiky hair, and tanned skin.
    He does not like pineapples, school, spiders, or any kind of bug for that matter!
    He likes school holidays and having fun!
    He is also a prolific prankster! An avid gaming fan and a MASSIVE chocolate devourer!

  11. My character is really crazy.His name is Mr Meows and he is adventurous friendly despicable curious mind-blowing and wise.Its eyes are red as a ruby. He has horns and short hair that makes him half bald. He is very cautious even though he sometimes is in a rush. He has wings as sparkly as the stars. Also, he has legs different colours one red one brown. His paws are short but are still the colours are different on his arms one purple one green. His body is really hairy because he never shaves also he wears nothing on top his legs are the very same.

  12. My character is spoiled and annoying. She is a girl and is a fashion designer who makes clothes for lots of people. At her school, she gets people into trouble and acts all nice around teachers. Most people stay away from her and say she is like an evil witch.

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