Boothville and Bunsen Burners at Becket

Wow. What a morning. We have been making cabbage water indicators to test acid or alkali.

We were shown how to set up and light Bunsen burners, and how to set a safe and roaring flame by turning the collar at the bottom.

My heart was in my mouth and my heart going skippy skippy all session, but the class were brilliant, and had a fantastic time.

Mr E
















3 thoughts on “Boothville and Bunsen Burners at Becket

  1. I had really good fun and I think using the bunsen burners really improved some people’s confidence in working with fire, although i think Mr Elyard was rather more nervous than us. Well done everyone and thankyou thomas beckett for allowing us to use your science labs to complete our experiments.

  2. I really enjoyed working with Bunsen burners !!!!! It was one of the best science lessons I hope that in the future I can go to Thomas becket

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