The Vikings are coming

Today, Gregolf came in to share with us Viking things.

We started off the morning in the Great Chamber (The small hall) and he told us a story about ‘The mighty Thor’ who had to dress as the Goddess Freya to get his hammer back.

We then spent the rest of the morning playing Kubb, learning about trading, designing jewellery and shields.

In the afternoon we were met with a fearful sight.


He then told us about his younger life as a Berserker. He explained he wore a bear skin and then would wear it in battle.

We had go at being Berserkers.

We were probably better at growling than Gregolf thought we would be.


He let us attack him with his spear and then use his chain mail.

Apparently it was really heavy. He told us a story about a Viking who was killed by an enemy with protruding teeth. Do you remember how he was killed?

We had a go with Viking helmets


A brilliant day was had by all.

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