Year 6 Longtown Trip

After 4 long hours on the coach we finally arrived at Longtown Outdoor Educational Centre. We had unpacked and were given our gear. Our first activity was rock climbing and the low ropes course, Dean and Kian were our instructors. We had dinner, did orienteering in the dark, had our daily hot chocolate and discussed our first day.

On the second day of our trip we went Gorge walking. It was great fun we first jumped in and floated down stream and climbed the rocks towards the mini waterfall. We put our head under the waterfall and could breathe behind it. By now our wetsuit was keeping us very warm. We approached the next activity (rolling into the water), walked up stream to a waterfall and jumped off, we also crawled through one too.

The next day we went canoeing in a canal, we started with our boats tied together and started paddling upstream we had some issues (people going into hedges and thorn bushes). We had some races and our boats were separated then we played boat rugby and headed back having another few races .When we got back we did our evening activity and shared our experience with the other groups.

The next day we went caving in Porth yr Ogof. The entrance was a large open area with a river flowing through it. We started crawling and slithering through the zigzagging cave. We came to a big opening where the instructor taught us about the stalactites and stalagmites. We completed a challenge slithering through a long stretch of the cave and then slid into a shallow pool of muddy water. We were pushed through a small hole called the letter box. We also crawled through a small circular hole exiting the cave. We got back to the centre and did some mini activities in the dark: bottle flipping, team working and then went to bed.longtown-1

We did mountain walking,  it was a foggy day but the experience was awesome especially coming down as it was really slippery. We packed our bags and departed, setting off for school with our souvenirs from the shop as well.


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  1. Great memories are made at Long town. I remember going there myself when I was young and by the looks of it not much has changed. Caving and gorge walking are experiences Ill never forget it was amazing! My daughter Eve in year 6 had a fantastic time.

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