20.1.17 6B blog

This week we have had a range of different subjects.

We started Monday with an E safety assembly in the main hall. We followed on with Maths and English. In English we did our spider and the fly work retelling the events and putting them in our own words. In the afternoon we continued our shoe making in art.

On Tuesday, in Maths we did our teenage times tables followed by English and in the afternoon we had creative English and SPAG.

On Wednesday, we had another assembly then in to Maths and English where we continued the spider and the fly.  Then in the afternoon we had gymnastics to end the day.

On Thursday, we had Maths doing conversions between imperial and metric then had English. In the afternoon we had Computing and rugby.

On Friday, we had Maths and English then in the afternoon we did some art and then enrichment time.

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