World Book Day

World book day                                                                                                  


On world book day we came in dressed up as our favourite book character. There were lots of different and original ideas even the teachers came in as characters. Our class teacher, Miss Blassberg, came in as Geek Girl and then Mrs Ferrison came in as the Worst Witch. Year 6 had a normal morning but after lunch we did a book review on our favourite book. We also had a story read to us at the end of the day plus a class photo in our costumes. It was a great day and was lots of fun. We also got a voucher to by books of our own.

We have had some very good news in our school. We had a routine inspection by offsted a few weeks back and the results have recently been delivered, it turns out that we were rated at good wich we are extremely proud to say.



The Harry Potter group


The Twits group


The Pokemon group


The Boy In The Dress

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