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Welcome to our Nursery

We have a really dedicated team of staff in our Nursery, they are; 


  • Miss D Barber 
  • Early Years Practitioner
  • Mrs C Arnold 
  • Mrs S Buchanan
  • Miss C Clarke
  • Support Team 
  • Miss G Bazeley
  • Mrs M Lewis
  • Mrs S Dang
  • Lunchtime Supervision
  • Mrs M Lewis
  • Mrs L Brunero
  • Mrs C Munns
  • Mrs S Johnson

Our School Council have chosen a name for each class. We are following the Author Beatrix Potter and our class names are, Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny. We will update the gallery below with pictures of our year so far. So come back regularly and see what we have been up to.

We all love working in Nursery and enjoy helping the children to become more independent learners through play and fun activities. We look forward to working with you throughout the year and sharing the children’s’ experiences with you. Please feel free to leave any comments. 


On Thursday we introduced the children to a cat sanctuary in Portugal run by a friend of Miss Barber’s. We have been very lucky to have been asked by Quinta Sarreiro Cat Sanctuary to name their newest residents.

This cat sanctuary, is a non-profit organisation to help cats (and dogs) who have been abandoned, traumatised or who suffer with illnesses / conditions such as blindness or cerebellar hypoplasia (wobbly cat syndrome), and many other things.

The owners of this cat sanctuary, Sara and Greg, moved from Northampton to Portugal, built a home near a village in Castelo Branco, and opened their home up to help animals that need it. They have made connections with vets around the area, and work with them to support and look after cats that cannot be rehomed due to their needs. Their dream for these cats is for them to lead a happy life where they can be free to be themselves and not in cages or on the street.

Their two new residents are one boy and one girl. These beautiful kittens need a name, and that’s where the Nursery children come in. The children (and parents/carers) have received a letter so they can come up with two names for the kittens. We will then ask Sara and Greg to pick two names, and the child that gave the name will win a prize. We will reveal the names chosen on the 29th November.

Sara and Greg will keep in contact with the children in Nursery, giving regular updates on how our kittens are. We will also be encouraging the children to think about how they would care for animals, and asking them to draw pictures and write letters to Sara and Greg to help give them ideas and advice on how to look after them.

If you would like more information on Quinta Sarreiro Cat Sanctuary and the owners, please visit

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