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With many of our children now working from home, we will be using our blog to keep in touch, share learning opportunities and send out positivity. Also, keep updated with what the children in school are doing as we post photos.

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We really are mad about minibeasts after this week. The children have had a whole week of looking at minibeasts and insects and exploring the many learning opportunities surrounding them. On Monday we looked at the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. The children had lots of fun learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly, and tried really hard to draw the lifecycle. We made minibeast fact books and throughout the week added to these. Lots of fun was had by all when we discovered that caterpillars, when eating, move their jaw from left to right! The children thought this was hilarious, especially when we pretended to be caterpillars- Mrs Sutton made an excellent caterpillar!

Tuesday’s weather wasn’t so great but that didn’t stop us wrapping up warm and going on a bug hunt. The children were armed with pictures of minibeasts and insects, pencils and clipboards; ready to tally the minibeasts they spotted on their travels. We were all amazed at the amount of millipedes we found under the logs near the Key Stage Two building, it took us a long while to count them all. The children enjoyed looking at them with a magnifying glass and used lots of wonderful adjectives to describe them. We then went back to the classroom and had fun making our own ladybirds and sticking buttons on the wings to explore ‘doubles’, this was sticky and tricky!
Everyone enjoyed looking at minibeasts, however we did lots of talking about how we can look after them too. We decided to make a few bug hotels from cardboard boxes, fir cones, wood chippings and yoghurt pots. Mrs Sutton enjoyed working with the children to build a safe space for the bugs, ensuring that there were plenty of secret and safe hiding places for the bugs to live in. Jemima and Georgia painted theirs in beautiful rainbow colours, which looked very eye-catching. We then took them down to our Reception area near our bigger bug hotel and look forward to seeing what they attract.

Wednesday begun with the story of ‘The Very Busy Spider’, which is about a spider who built a wonderful web. The children then became spiders themselves and made their own webs by threading fine wool in and out of a pre-cut shape to make their web and a spider; which was later hung over the tuff tray. We couldn’t believe some of the facts we learned about spiders, and will definitely be watching out for them! Wednesday afternoon ended with the children helping Mrs Jones and Mrs Tarry to build a cool bug tuff tray for the children to explore next week.

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Nursery and Reception.

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all staying safe and having a lovely week. 

We had a very busy week last week and would love to share with you what we have been doing. 

On Monday we all worked together to dismantle the space role play and create a new home corner. We talked about what we would like in the home corner, and what we would like to use it for. We made our own food and drink to use in the role play using junk modelling. In the afternoon we spent it in forest school. We helped water the plants, re-pot some sunflowers, play in the new playhouse and found lots of different mini-beast. 

On Tuesday we took part in lots of Maths activities. We played counting games, created pictures using shapes, and had a go at putting numbers into the correct order. Our best activities were outside where we played a running to the right number game, had to find the right amount of sticks for our chosen number and created a number line using our sticks. 

On Wednesday we looked at the topic of Space. We started the day with Cosmic Kids, going on an adventure to meet Muttnik on the Moon. We share with each other what we already knew about space, learnt the order of the planets and a fact about each planet. 

Harry - “Saturn has a million, ten thousand rocks spinning around it”.
David - “Jupiter is the biggest planet and it spins the fastest”
Emilia - “The suns just a big ball of fire”
Ollie - “Saturn has a ring”

We thought about what we would take on a trip to the moon and made a list. We also had a go at designing our own planet. We had to think about a name for our planet, what lives on the planet and what makes our planet special.

While we were outside playing during break time, some of the children found some features. As an extra activity we decided to have a go writing and drawing with our feathers using black paint. 

On Thursday we looked at the story Jack and the Beanstalk. We had a go at retelling the story to our friends, thinking about how the story starts, what happens in the middle and how it ends. We thought about how we could describe the main characters and questioned whether Jack was right to steal and what Jack could have done instead of stealing the items from the Giant. 

Friday was a bank holiday and VE Day, so we joined the rest of the children in the school. In the morning we took part in either Joe Wicks, or Zumba. We then had a great time with Miss Hartwell in PE, playing tennis and doing lots of running around the Key Stage Two playground. We watched the red arrows fly over the school. They were so loud but amazing. We spent the rest of the morning in forest school with Miss Tarry, helping to dig new boarders around the fence, and playing in the mud kitchen. In the afternoon we coloured in VE pictures, made some flags and had a game of ‘Who am I’. We ended the day enjoying some delicious cake while watching Frozen on the big screen in the hall. 

We have had a lovely week, and we hope you did too.

We miss you all.

Stay safe and keep smiling. 

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