Welcome to Reception

Welcome to our blog page. It is lovely to be starting a new year with your children. We are enjoying making new relationships with families and renewing our relationships with some familiar faces.

We have 3 classes in Reception: 
Mrs Tiggywinkle - Miss Smith
Squirrel Nutkin - Mrs Mason
Jemima Puddleduck - Mrs Shefchick

There are lots of other staff who work in Reception:
Mrs Mellor
Mrs Mitchell
Mrs Jones
Mrs Dang
Mrs Sutton

Visit our blog to see what we have been up to. We look forward to enjoying a year of fun and learning with our lovely new children.

Hi Everyone!

We hope you have had a lovely week and half term. 

In our last week of school we were very busy.

We have been learning about some mini-beasts, pets and becoming artists for a day.

On Monday we looked at Bees and made our own bee hive using a hexagon shape for the hive and an oval and semi-circle for the bees. We made some honey sandwiches for snack and painted our own bumble bee onto a paper plate. In the afternoon we had lots of fun at forest school with Miss Tarry and told her all about bumble bees.

On Tuesday we looked at worms and ants. We made a number worm eating an apple, which shown a number through the hole in the middle of the apple. We also made some wiggly worms from post-it notes, cutting little slips into the paper so the worm could move. We talked about where worms and ants live and made a facts page about each insect.

On Wednesday we spent the morning with Miss Hartwell doing PE. We took part in some challenges and had a fantastic time. In the afternoon we looked at snails and slugs. We met Miss Barber’s pet African snail Sheldon, and some of us were brave enough to hold it. We had a go at drawing Sheldon looking very closely at his features. We found out some facts about snails and made our own snails using paper plates.

On Thursday we thought about what animals we could have as pets. We spoke about pets that we have at home and what pet we would like if we could have anything we liked. We looked through books to learn about how we look after certain pets and draw pictures of our favourite pet. We also spoke about our school pet Luna the dog and how we could look after her and make her feel loved and special. Everyone made Luna something special, some drew a picture, others wrote a story and some made a special song. In the afternoon we joined the rest of the school in some water fun, using water guns, balancing cups of water on our heads and painting with water. We all got soaked and had so much fun.

On Friday we became artists for the day. We first learnt about some artists and the way they create their art. We learnt about Andy Warhol, Kandinsky, Monet and many more. Using our knowledge of these artists we spent the day creating our own pictures. We created our own Jackson Pollock painting, flicking, tapping and splatting lots of coloured paint onto paper. We made our own Kandinsky picture using different shapes. We followed instructions on how to draw penguins, sharks, fish and more. And we experimented with mixing colours to see what new colour they made. In the afternoon we had a visit from Luna and Miss Blassberg. We asked questions about how to look after Luna, what her favourite things are and Luna showed us what a clever dog she is by preforming some tricks. We gave Luna our stories, drawing and songs we made, and even gave her some doggy treats which she found very yummy.

It has been a lovely and busy week.

Stay safe and keep smiling.

Year R Curriculum Letters