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Good afternoon! 

Today we started the day with the Joe Wicks (body coach) workout to get our hearts racing. We then followed this with some finger gym to get our fingers ready for writing. 

In Maths this morning we revised the days of the week and made a beanstalk. The children also had a go on Numbots on the computers. 

We did an experiment with some gloves and paint to show how important hand washing is. We put the paint on the gloves and rubbed it over to see which bits we had missed. 

Our main activity this morning was planting. We learned how to plant a bean and wrote a set of instructions, we will be filling in a bean diary to see how they grow. We then went outside and planted some cress seeds. 
Have you planted your seed? 

This afternoon we are going to take advantage of the nice weather and do some outdoor jobs and some painting.

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