Welcome to Year 2

Our classes are named after Roald Dahl characters...

Mr Fox (Mrs Astill)
Esio Trot (Mrs Morgan & Mrs Farbon) 
Mugglewump (Miss Clews)

Our teaching assistants are
Mrs Martindale, Mrs Setchell, Mrs Rhodes, Miss Fisher, Mrs Pell

We really enjoyed having lots of visitors into the classrooms for Hisory Heroes Day!

Our topic this term is First Flights - thinking about the first people to design, build and fly airplanes.  

We all agreed that the Wright Brothers are certainly heroes because they were so brave and determined to succeed. We can travel the world, visit family far away and even travel to space because of their first flight! 

We compared old and new planes!

We made simple paper helicopters and talked about how they flew!

We folded amazing paper airplanes and flew them in the Fly Zone to see if we could match our heroes' first flight!

Our visitors put stickers on a World Map to show where they had travelled to in a plane!

At the end we asked our visitors to write about why they thought the Wright Brothers were heroes. 

We loved reading their ideas! 

What was your favourite activity? We can't wait to have another day like this!


Each Year 2 class has delighted in reading some great books in the last two terms. From fairytales with a twist to exploring the wonderful world of animals… we have become excellent word detectives and we have been growing our vocabulary to include some amazing new words.

Our book corners are always ready to use and getting comfortable with a well loved read is just the best!

Look out for our next reads soon…



Year 2 Curriculum Letters