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This week has been very busy here at school. We have been having a go at many activities on the Learning Grid.

On Monday, we had lots of fun recreating the Hokusai wave. We only had a few colours to choose from, which meant we had to be very careful when we were mixing them together! On Tuesday, we enjoyed a trip to Forest School, where we explored different plants and looked for creatures in their natural habitat. Also, we explore patterns and made sand jars, as well as recreating the sandcastle from the story, ‘The Sandcastle’. 

On Wednesday, we had a competition to see who could be the most creative with shapes, to make a printed sandcastle. Mrs Crabb and Miss Garner chose Iulia as the winner. Well done, Iulia! On Thursday, we had a very busy day and we worked very hard, because we were treated to some slushes at the end of the day, even though the weather was rubbish! We did some writing about what we would change if we were king or queen for a day and we did lots of adding and subtracting using number squares to help us. We also learned about parts of a castle!

On Friday, we did some more Maths work, practising our adding and subtracting skills on a number line! We explored rhyme and came up with lots of words that would rhyme with seaside words, such as fish, sand and shell. Also, we did an experiment to see what happens when we put skittles in water… it was amazing!

We have enjoyed hearing about what you are all busy doing at home too, so please keep emailing us! It is also great to see everyone logging in to Times Tables Rock Stars to practise their times tables – well done everyone!

Take care,
Miss Garner, Mrs Astill, Mrs Farbon and Mrs Morgan x x

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