Welcome to Year 3

With many of our children now working from home, we will be using our blog to keep in touch, share learning opportunities and send out positivity. Also, keep updated with what the children in school are doing as we post photos.

Use the home learning grids to explore our exciting home learning ideas. You can access them by clicking the link in the 'Year 3 Curriculum Letters' section, lower down to the right of this page ->>

Keep an eye out for new grids with updated learning ideas.

Have fun, stay safe and enjoy new learning opportunities.

The Year 3 team x x

Use this page to join us on our learning journey. We have three classes inspired by the author Rudyard Kipling and his story The Jungle Book – Baloo, Bagheera and Mowgli. Our class teachers are Miss Cole, Miss Green, Mrs Burke and Mrs Freeman. We also have Mrs Tarry and Ms Esa supporting us in the classroom.

A quick message from your teachers whether you are at home or in school #BoothvilleStrongerTogether

I have been inspired by all the rainbows I've seen and the ones made by the children at school so I sent a challenge for them to do.

Could they draw a house with a rainbow going over the top of it? However, that sounded too easy... so I decided that they would have to complete this blindfolded! Have a look at their hilarious results.

Can you try this challenge at home too?

Here are a few other challenges to try out:

  • How many keepy uppys can you do with a ball or a toilet roll?
  • How many lunge jumps can you do without falling over or needing to stop?
  • How many names can you list from children in year 3? Can you get all 90?
  • How many items can you remember on a tray? (Gather a random mixture of items and look at them for 30 seconds. Cover it up and then see how many you can remember)
  • Can you complete one successful bottle flip?
  • How many beans/beads/grains of rice can you move in a minute using only chopsticks?
  • How tall can you build a tower out of cards?
  • Can you learn the numbers 1 to 10 in a different language?
  • How long can you last without laughing at something funny?

See how many you can do! Good Luck!

Year 3 Curriculum Letters