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With many of our children now working from home, we will be using our blog to keep in touch, share learning opportunities and send out positivity. Also, keep updated with what the children in school are doing as we post photos.

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The Year 3 team

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This week, we have been learning all about dinosaurs!
At the beginning of the week we had a rawr-some time researching dinosaurs online. We were then able to make our dinosaur themed top trump cards. We decided that the T-rex was the deadliest but its weight was nothing compared to that of the brachiosaurus! In the afternoon we made our very own dinosaur skeletons – how fantastic do they look!

We then used our new found knowledge to measure out the length and height of dinosaurs. These ranged from small ones under a meter in size to massive dinosaurs! The largest we measured was a staggering 53 meters long! We imagined how scary it would be to see one in the flesh-some were much larger than we thought!

We have also created lots of dinosaur artwork this week! Look at our fabulous oil pastel drawings of dinosaurs and our amazing close up work of a dinosaurs eye! We took a lot of time working on the details of the dinosaur and tried to make them look as ferocious as possible!

As the weather was so lovely, we has time outside playing PE games with Miss Hartwell which was so much fun! We also had some time to write our own exciting dinosaur stories. We wrote about their adventures of escaping from erupting volcanos!

We had been having so much fun and continued this by taking time to play games together – an addictive game of fossil hunt! Inspired by this, we then created our own fossils using clay. We just wish would could have found our own real fossils on the school field! 

Finally, we had a giggle looking at David Walliams ‘The World’s Worst Children’ books. We decided to make a terrible character of ourselves who does naughty things-take a look at the pictures to see! Our self-portraits were drawn in a similar style to Tony Ross, the illustrator of David Walliams books.We can't wait for you to see them in the Year 3 and 4 corridor at school.

Here are a couple of videos from our learning about WW2 and evacuees. Iola was inspired to learn about evacuees at home and created her own diary video. What exceptional learning and work about the past.


Year 3 Curriculum Letters