The children, along with their animals, took part in many activities throughout the day all based on our new topic - What a Wonderful World! 

During the morning, we went on a word hunt outside! The children had to use their safari skills and binoculars to find the hidden letters. Once they had been found, the children unscrambled the letters to find the hidden word ELEPHANT, which will be our writing focus over the next 3 weeks. We are going to learn about how the elephant got it's trunk.

We also played lots of games! After looking through magnified binoculars, we had to investigate which animal print we were looking at. We had so much fun and there were a few surprises.

In the afternoon, we used our artistic skills to create zen patterns on an elephant. These were very impressive! We then made our own pair of binoculars to continue searching for animals at home.

What a truly wonderful world we live in!

Year 3 Curriculum Letters

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