For the past two weeks, Year 3 have been basing their writing on the story of Rapunzel.

We learnt the story and imagined what life would be like by building some incredible towers of our own with a long hair flowing out of the window. Then we created character profiles about the main characters from the story. 

We discussed that the Prince’s journey to rescue Rapunzel might have been difficult so we created a fairytale map. Using this, we wrote instructions guiding the Prince to the tower. Can you spot any prepositions, precise verbs and adverbs and any expanded noun phrases in our writing?

If we were Rapunzel, we would want to write a letter to the witch (who she thought was her mother) to ask if she could leave. We also wrote a reply from the evil Mother trying to persuade her to stay. Can you find any conjunctions in the letters?

After so much work on Rapunzel, we explored Limerick poems and decided to write our own inspired by our learning. 

What a wonderful learning journey so far...and this was only our English lessons!

Year 3 Curriculum Letters