Creating Dream Jars and writing an adapted extract from the BFG

Over the past few weeks the Year 3 children have created their own Dream Jars, inspired by the BFG. The children experienced a range of materials to stimulate their senses and used their positive feeling influences to decide what ingredients were needed to make a phizzwizard (positive dream).  The children collaborated and created a recipe of positive ideas that their dream jar should contain.

With their fantastic ideas and dream jars as inspiration, the children independently wrote their adapted version of the extract from the BFG where Sophie and the BFG created a dream for the Queen. This time, they made it a positive dream. A PHIZZWIZARD! The children worked hard to use creative writing ideas and to include the correct grammar and punctuation we have been practising in Year 3.

We have made their creative extract into a mini story booklet with a front cover and a blurb which they are excited to take home to share with their family.


Year 3 Curriculum Letters