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With many of our children now working from home, we will be using our blog to keep in touch, share learning opportunities and send out positivity. Also, keep updated with what the children in school are doing as we post photos.

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The Year 4 team

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Hello! We hope have you all enjoyed the sunshine the last few days, what a difference from last week!

This week in Maths we have been looking at money. We have investigated converting and comparing pounds and pence. We also looked at what we eat for breakfast and dinner in a week. We went on to find out what we would spend on a shop for all the item s on their list. 

In English we have been working on our reading comprehension skills. We have been reading myths about Greek gods and finding answers to questions in the text.

We have had quite an arty week too! On Monday we practised using watercolours and had a go at blending colours together to paint these beautiful leaves. We also made puppets and created backgrounds to show the story of Hermes and Apollo. 
We used papier-mâché to create our own fruit bowls and painted them to look like different fruits! 

We also had the chance to go out to forest school with Miss Tarry where we enjoyed the sunny weather and had a go at a range of fun outdoor activities.

We hope you are all well and look forward to seeing you at the picnics!

Remember you can still email us to show us what you have been up to or even just say ‘Hello’

In Maths, we have been looking at decimal numbers which are a way of writing a number that is less than a whole. We ordered them from the smallest to the largest number and showed their value by using part-whole models. We also looked at their relation to money.

In English, we have been discussing a very strange and magical character who is on the run because of his wizardry powers. We made WANTED posters describing his appearance so that people can keep an eye out for him!

We had lots of fun in Science/ DT with the egg drop challenge! We had to design a contraption to prevent an egg from cracking after being dropped from a height. We created lots of different designs, from parachutes to protective cases. It was good fun seeing who’s survived the fall!

We have continued learning about the Titanic and made our own rooms out of cereal boxes based on the different classes on the ship. Did you know that first class passengers had four poster beds, however, third class passengers had bunk beds and had to share their facilities with strangers!

We have been keeping fit and enjoyed games of cricket in the sunshine and cooling down with yoga.

As Father’s day is approaching, we made cards for our dads and other special people in our lives. We talked about how it’s important to let people know that you love and appreciate them. 

Year 4 Curriculum Letters