On the right-hand side of the blog page are the Year 1 and 2 common misconception spellings list and the Year 3 and 4 statutory spellings list. These are the words that we are always practising in class and that we expect you to spell correctly in your independent writing. While you are learning at home you can still be practising these spellings. 

Remember little and often is the key. Choose a small group of words to begin with. Once you know them move on to a new group. Test yourselves on the old ones occasionally just in case…!

Here some ways to help you learn new spellings.

  1. Mnemonics: Mnemonics help to turn information into pictures, sentences or rhymes. Have a go at making some up. e.g. because = Big Elephants Can’t Always Use Small Exits
  2. Rules: Often, one of the best ways to learn is by understanding the rules. e.g. Why does the 'Y' in 'party' turn to 'I'' in 'parties?'
  3. Learn commonly misspelled words: Everyone gets some words wrong. Write a list of common words that are tough to learn and memorise them.
  4. Make a trouble list: Write a list of words that you repeatedly get wrong. Concentrate on those by using these other tips.
  5. Word origins: Lots of words have Roman or Greek roots. Think about other words with the same roots, prefixes or suffixes.
  6. Chunks: Break down the word into chunks to make it easier. e.g. ‘actually’ becomes ‘act-u-al-ly’.
  7. Sound: Sounding it out is a trick that works well. Say it loud and slow, then write down what you hear. e.g. 'remember,' becomes ‘re-mem-ber’.
  8. Picture: Drawing can be used as another mnemonic device. For example, the word 'bed' looks like a bed. Draw words you have trouble with and turn it into a visual aid.
  9. Word games: These are a great way to boost spelling skills in a fun way. Classic games such as Scrabble and Hangman can improve spelling in no time at all.

There are more spelling ideas here Click on the links for Year 4 to find activities. If you are struggling with those activities try some from Year 3 or Year 2 instead.

You can also practise spelling the words from the lists here:



Year 4 Curriculum Letters