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On Monday we worked hard in Maths by practising different ways we can show and use addition. In English we continued our work looking at float and had great fun listening to storm videos and collecting storm related vocabulary.

In the afternoon we looked at Vincent Van Goghs’ paintings of sunflowers and starry night. Inspired by these we had a go at making our own, don’t they look amazing!

Tuesday was another jam packed day with a morning of English and Maths We even got to go outside and practise using addition using chalk on the playground. We were lucky to get it finished before the rain came. In the afternoon we spent some time outside thinking about animal habitats and made our own structure for a woodland creature. We then came back inside and looked at food chains. It was interesting to think of the all the different parts of the chain and how important each aspect was. Then we had fun making these food chain mouths. Maybe you could have a go at making one at home!
Towards the end of the week we made colourful mobiles that we can hang at home. Don’t they look effective! In Maths we carried on looking at the four operations and played Maths games. We tried to improve our times tables on TTRockstars and had fun making patterns on a 100 square grid.

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