For the past two weeks we have been having a Times Tables Rock Stars year group battle. Year 4 took an early lead but as the days passed it was getting very close. At the end there were only 200 points in it!

The final totals were:
Year 4 - 32,421
Year 6 - 32,219
Year 2 - 23,353
Year 3 - 12,217
Year 5 - 9,059

Year 4 are Boothville TTRS year group champions! 

Well done to everyone who took part. 37 of you joined the band and helped to make the winning total. You are are Times Tables Rock Stars Superstars!

A special well done goes to these people who all scored over 1,000 individual points. 
Magada (11,246), Finley, Zac, Laritta, Edrissa, Alisha, Ernie, Philip and Dylan. Amazing effort!

Keep playing and practising over the summer holidays. 

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