Today, as part of National Numeracy Day, we took part in a Guinness World Record attempt. The aim was to have the largest audience for a Rolling Numbers livestream. To beat the record more than 1,500 different devices needed to join. First, we learnt a short dance routine with Katya Jones, from Strictly Come Dancing, and listened to messages about Maths. After that, we joined in with schools from all over the country to rock ‘n’ roll our 5s. At the end, we found out that over 5,300 separate devices joined the event which means that we are record breakers! You can see a recording of the event here.

“It was lots of fun!” - 4QO

“It was a rock ‘n’ roll party!” - 4MG

“Rolling numbers helps us learn any times tables.” - 4MG

“Times Tables Rock Stars is a fun way of learning times tables.” - 4QO



Year 4 Curriculum Letters