Welcome to Year 5

In Year 5, all of our classes are named after JK Rowling’s Harry Potter characters. Miss Cardwell’s class is Dobby (5DB), Mrs Mason’s class is Hedwig (5HW) and Mr Elyard and Mrs Freeman’s class is Dumbledore (5DD). We also have Mrs Kiloh-Munns, Mrs Javed, Mrs Calmic and Mrs Manning working in our year group to help support our learning.

Our blog will become a digital scrap book of our time in school so make sure that you keep checking it.

The Year 5 Team 

Some important information for you:
PE days – Monday and Thursday
Library day – Tuesday (during school hours only)
Optional homework – Presented in class and house points awarded on Wednesday

We have begun swimming again and it is great to see the confidence building in the children. At the moment we have 22 deep water swimmers, 29 swimmers who are perfecting their strokes and 32 swimmers working on moving through the water and learning to breathe whilst moving. The biggest tip I can give the children is to be more confident with their face in the water. Once they are prepared to do that, the rest of the swimming will come easily. Children could perhaps try putting their face into the bath water (of course with an adult watching them to keep them safe) and try blowing bubbles out of their mouth and then nose. I can’t wait to update you at the end of the term.

Swimming in Y5

What a busy and exciting couple of weeks we have already had! We’ve started swimming already, we’ve had a Saints coach in for Rugby, we’ve begun delving into the secrets of the Ancient Egyptians, introduced the most exciting Science topic of Forces and now counting up to 1000000. We have read about Hansel and Gretel and we are studying a twisted and dark tale of greed and betrayal. Our reading book is a fabulous DK book on Space. We have been so impressed with the children, their attitude to their learning and how they have worked collaboratively.



Year 5 Curriculum Letters