Welcome to Year 5

Our teachers are Mr Elyard, Miss Hollands, Miss Morris, Mrs Mason and Mrs Finnis . Year 5 are also very lucky to have other adults that teach us and support our learning.  Our School Council have chosen a name for each class.  We are following the Author JK Rowlings and our class names are Mr Elyard - Dumbledore, Miss Hollands - Hedwig and Miss Morris - Dobby.  Below you will find a gallery of our learning journey so far.  Come back regularly to see what we have been up to.

This time it was Hedwig's time to create some digital art. Look at the awesome images made by changing the size and colour of shapes as well as their rotation.


We are looking at different ways of making digital art. We used lots of shapes and changed their size, colour and orientation.


Year 5 Curriculum Letters