Welcome to Year 6

With many of our children now working from home, we will be using our blog to keep in touch, share learning opportunities and send out positivity. Also, keep updated with what the children in school are doing as we post photos.

Use the home learning grids to explore our exciting home learning ideas. You can access them by clicking the link in the 'Year 6 Curriculum Letters' section, lower down to the right of this page ->>

Keep an eye out for new grids with updated learning ideas.

Have fun, stay safe and enjoy new learning opportunities.

The Year 6 team

As well as using the grids, don't forget to keep up-to-date with the school on Twitter - @BoothVillePri - where Miss Payne is setting out events for the day, Miss Garner is reading a story and Mrs Gates is setting Maths challenges.

We had a visitor to our school today; Miss Barber’s pet snail, Sheldon, came to Year 6. We were able to hold him. He was so slimy! Did you know that some snails have over 1000 teeth?
We have also been helping out at the Boothville Bargains Shop, collating lots of lovely treats for the children to enjoy at lunchtimes.
The 5 school values have been our focus for today: respect, responsibility, happiness, courage and honesty. In order to complete the pictures requested by Miss Payne, we had some insightful discussions about what those values mean for us. What do they mean to you?

This week we having been learning about the stories told by the Aboriginal people and how they used symbols to represent aspects of the story. We collected a range of ideas to help create our own original painting.

gallery}0520-Aboriginal art{/gallery}

Year 6 Curriculum Letters