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Welcome to our Forest School blog. Check back here regularly to see all of the wonderful things that we are getting up to in our Forest School sessions!


Every week we have lots of little Forest Tots who join us for a morning of outdoor fun with their parents. It's lovely to see them explore the world around them and get more confident at trying new activities!

Due to the fact that schools are having to close for a little while, lots of our seedlings were at risk! 

Reception children have each been given a couple of lettuce seedlings to look after. Place them on a warm, sunny windowsill and water them ONLY when the soil looks like its getting dry. Seedlings don't like to have soggy roots!

The will grow quite rapidly and will soon need to be transferred to a bigger pot or even your own veggie patch ( if you have one).

Keep us updated with how well they are growing via twitter, snap a pic and tag us @BoothVillePri