With darker evening and bad weather, we have been playing of games inside recently. The children have loved playing Cluedo Junior - it has been a favourite among our year 5s! They have to investigate the case of the broken too! We have some very good detectives!

We had so much fun playing lots of games at Christmas. I loved playing pin the nose of the Rudolph! We had lots of yummy party food too! Hunting for the hidden chocolate coins was fun too! Miss Lee hid them really well. 
From one of our year 5 children! 

We made our own mats for dinner.
From one of our year 1 children!

I loved using the remote control cars to race each other. I won a selection box for the fastest time. 
From one of our year 6 children! 

Music statues was funny! 
From one of our year 2 children!