Our Blogs

At Boothville Primary school, we are introducing blogs which will allow pupils and parents to find out what has been happening in school and across the different year groups.

To start with, I will be creating a regular update through the headteacher's blog which will tell you all about what I see on a regular basis and celebrating some the fantastic work that our children do. My first blog entries talked about this and also introduced the fact that we are having a new wing built on to the school. This will allow me to show you that progress in pictures and words as the weeks go by.

Our second blog is our sports area which will give reports on successes that our teams have when games are taking place between our school and other groups in Northamptonshire. Our roving reporters may well be our pupils who may also take photographs or perhaps even video to show what happens when we take on other teams across the different types of sport that we play.

We hope that you will enjoy these blogs and, over time, we plan to consider having blogs which relate to what is happening in each class or year group within our school.

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