Danny and Finley's Ocean Adventure!

The Tiddler Class worked very hard on creating a class book during World Book Day. We have just finished the illustrations and wanted to share the finished books with you all!

Once upon a time there was a cute, grey dolphin called Danny. He lived peacefully in the deep, blue, wavy ocean. One day, while he was swimming along he met a tiny, stripy fish called Finley. They became very good friends and spent all day playing together. They played hide and seek, tag and ball games. Danny and Finley were best friends and did everything together. A few weeks later, when Danny and Finley were playing hide and seek they came across the most precious and beautiful diamond that they had ever seen. They decided to pick it up and take it home for safe keeping. Several days went by and none of their neighbours mentioned losing a diamond so Danny and Finley continued to keep it hidden in their coral house. One bright, sunny evening, there was a loud bang on the door and Danny and Finley both glanced at each other nervously. They peeked through the little, round window and saw an evil, red eye peering back at them angrily. Then all of a sudden, it moved and in a flash they saw a huge tail flapping around back and forth, stirring up all of the sand around it. Speedily, the giant creature moved again and they were faced with its sharp, white teeth. Finally it dawned on them that in fact it was a massive, dangerous shark and he was absolutely furious! It was an emergency! They had to think fast or else they would end up being dinner for the crazy shark! They used their bubble phone to ring their friend Emma the electric eel and she reminded them of the magical wand and special glitter dust that she gave them. This was ONLY to use if they ever found themselves in a horrifying situation! They swam into action and located the wand and special dust and raced to the top of their coral house to hatch a plan. Carefully and silently, they opened the window and began to sprinkle the glitter dust and spin the magical wand. Then together they whispered “abracadabra”. In an instant, the shark began to laugh. He caught sight of Danny and Finley at the window and started waving at them. He had been transformed into a kind and friendly shark! “Yippee, it worked!” they shouted happily. They raced back to the front door and opened it. “Hello, I’m Sammy. I wonder if you might be able to help me?” the shark asked gently. “Of course we can,” said Danny and Finley kindly. “What do you need us to help with?” Sammy said, “I seem to have lost my favourite shiny diamond. I don’t suppose you have seen it anywhere?” “We picked one up the other day, but didn’t know who it belonged to. It must be yours,” Danny and Finley replied. They handed the stunning diamond to him and his face lit up in a huge smile. “Thank you both so much. I feel overjoyed!” said Sammy. Danny, Finley and their new friend Sammy Shark all lived happily ever after! The End!

Written by The Tiddler Class

World Book Day 7th March 2024