People Who Help Us

Nursery have had a very busy and exciting start to this term.

We have welcomed in new friends who have settled into Nursery fantastically.

We have started learning about people who help us. So far we have learnt about firefighter by playing in our fire station role play, dressing up in their uniforms, putting out fires with water bottles, and creating our own fires by blowing paint.

We have also had a visit from the local police who showed us and allowed us to wear the police uniform, took our fingerprints and showed us their amazing police car. We have now set up our own police role play and made walkie talkies and hats to support our play.

We have also been learning about Doctors and Dentists though role play, messy play and counting. We have been brushing very dirty teeth, counting medicine into medicine pots, bandaging up babies and eachother, and following heart beat patterns.

We still have lots of exciting activities planned to learn about more people who help us.