Welcome to Year 4

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In our year group, we have three classes named after books by David Walliams - Queen’s Orang-utan, Midnight Gang and Gangsta Granny. The class teachers in Year 4 are Mrs Gates, Mrs Jones, Mr Smith and Mr Mason. 
We are also lucky to have lots of other adults working with us , including: Mrs Elyard, Mrs Zveaghinteva, Miss Smith and Mr Roberts. We will see other teachers during the week as well.If you want to get in touch then please email

Our class addresses
 (4GG – Mr Smith/Mr Mason)
 (4MG – Mrs Jones)
 (4QO – Mrs Gates)

There are several learning links on this page if you are looking for homework help or online activities. We have lots of exciting learning to look forward to so keep checking back on the blog to find out what we are up to…

Skilled Artists

We have been refining so many skills during our recent art lessons. We have furthered our ability to create compositions which have then helped inspire our drawings. We have also gained confidence with using different types of pencils to create different marks and add shading to our artwork. More recently we created our own wax resist drawings.


Exploring the Vikings

This term, we are studying the Vikings in History. We are asking the question: Did the Vikings deserve their reputation? By the end of the unit we'll all be able to answer this question.

We are also looking at texts about Vikings in our 'Steps to Read' lessons. We are using non-fiction books to find facts to help us understand why the Vikings came to Britain and how they lived. Later in the term, we will be looking at extracts from two novels set in the Viking age.

Some of the children have enjoyed the History option on our homwork sheet and have made amazing Viking longboats. What a creative bunch you are!

If you want to find out more about the Vikings at home, here are some useful links:

BBC Bitesize: KS2 History - Vikings

School Learning Zone: The Vikings