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Year Group Battle Results

Year Group Battle Results

For the past two weeks we have been having a Times Tables Rock Stars year group battle. The final scores are in and after a runaway start from year 4 it was very close at the end! Thank you to everyone who took part.

The final totals were:
Year 4 - 32,421
Year 6 - 32,219
Year 2 - 23,353
Year 3 - 12,217
Year 5 - 9,059

Well done to Year 4 who are Boothville year group champions!

Here is special mention to some Times Tables Rock Stars superstars! You were the top scorers in your year groups and all scored over 1,000 points for your band. Some of you had totals in the 2,000s and 3,000s and four of you scored over 8,500 points. AMAZING!

Y6 - Paul (10,167), Nawful, Harvey F, David, Alfie S, Oliwia, Sabrina
Y5 - Kuba, Oliver
Y4 - Magada (11,246), Finley, Zac, Laritta, Edrissa, Alisha, Ernie, Philip, Dylan
Y3 - Violet, Noah, Chloe W, Ronan
Y2 - Rudra (9,920), Nicholas (8,509), Arjun

Keep playing and practising over the summer holidays. Year 6, I will move you into a class called ‘Year6Leavers’ and your logins will work until September.